Big Walnut High School

Since 1998, The Big Walnut High School has seen many new and exciting changes. Once again the growth of our program has created a new membership record for the choral department. Can you believe that our choral program since the beginning of the 1998 school year has more than tripled in size?

We started the 1998-1999 school year with only 35 choral students. Today, there are 160 students involved in a choral music activity. A true sign of a healthy program is the enrollment of 10 percent of the total school enrollment involvement in a vocal music activity. Based on this formula, BWHS currently has over 30 percent of the total school population participating.

We are continuing on our quest to becoming one of the finest choral programs in the state, both in quality and quantity!

~Mrs. Huston



Please be on the lookout for info and link to our video recording of our 2020 BWHS Holiday Concert !!!


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BWHS Concert Choir & Select Choir

Lakes Country Club Dec 2019 Performance

2020 Seniors Homecoming Game "Star Spangled Banner"

2019-2020 Yearbook pics

2020/2021 BWHS Senior Choir members rehearsing their senior video





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