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To Those who auditioned for VOCAL JAZZ SELECT ENSEMBLE~~~Please read !!!
Thank you for auditioning for the BWHS Vocal Jazz Select Choir Ensemble.
I commend your efforts and would like to thank you for auditioning for this highly
selective group. We had many applicants of a very high calibre and our decisions are difficult.
We regret that at this time we are unable to offer you a spot in the Select Vocal Jazz Group. Our auditioning panel received a recording of all students who auditioned. From those recordings, they had to decide which of the many singers we heard would fit into the present sound and nature of the Vocal Jazz Group. In some cases the panel felt that a particular voice, no matter how experienced, is not right for this group. That same voice may be absolutely perfect for Classical/Mixed Contest Choir or soloist.

We do value your interest in the group and hope that you will continue to support the musical endeavors of the BWHS Choral Department and continue working towards next year’s auditions.
Again,thank you for your interest and audition

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About the Vocal Music Program...

Since 1998, The Big Walnut High School has seen many new and exciting changes. Once again the growth of our program has created a new membership record for the choral department.

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Zero Period Updates

***The following schedule is subject to change...please keep listening at the end of rehearsal for any changes or update
Mon. Jan.22-- ALL
Tues. Jan 23--ALL
Wed. Jan. 24--ALL
Thurs. Jan. 25--Vocal Jazz
Fri. Jan. 26--ALL
Mon. Jan.
Tues. Jan.
Wed. Jan.
Thurs. Jan.
Fri. Jan.

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Zero Period

***Just a reminder….When weather calls for a delay, there will be NO ZERO PERIOD CHOIR ZERO PERIOD will be on the designated days at   7:00am.  It is important you are on time as our time is very limited.  Multiple absences will result in a lowered class average.